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Coming up Next:

Charlie's Center for the Arts - Student Artists
2nd Annual Event - March 6 - 8, 2015


Charlie s Center Arts logo tiny logo ProThe St Charles Arts Council hosts an annual All-City, All-Arts Event for student artists – Charlie’s Center for the ArtsSTUDENT ARTISTS. The event encompasses venues all over the city featuring visual art and film galleries/studios, music, spoken word performances, dance, and live theater – all of which feature K – 12 and college student artists.

THANKS so much to the COMMUNITY for their support of these young artists.

If you're a student artist, teacher, parent, volunteer, or arts-based business - in any artistic discipline - and are interested in being involved in this event next year, please contact the SCAC at 630.443.3794 or

The mission of this event is to engage the Community with the Performing and Visual Art of Students in programming throughout St. Charles.

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Images from the 2014 Student Event - courtesy of Amy Furio and Claudia Frost

asART at Home and ART at Work

The Art At Home/Art At Work programs feature performing and visual artists showcased in the homes or businesses of local arts supporters. 

These programs feature performing, visual, and/or culinary artists
showcased in the homes or businesses of local arts supporters.

The Inaugural "ART At WORK" Event!
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1900 Lincoln Highway [Route 38], St. Charles

Open House, Saturday, October 4, 2014. Suburban Tire was transformed into an Arts Center for the night. Tire displays became art displays. TV monitors displayed film. Auto hoists became table legs. Great jazz filled the air. Plus great wine and a wonderful buffet.

Music, art, video, spoken word, food and drink - all in unexpected places. 
That's ART at WORK!

Suburban Tire's AAW Featured:
Visual Art - Peggy Sue Seehafer, Patti Parish, and Todd Willing. Film - Bart Woodstrup.  Jazz Duo - Mike Aleckson (guitar) and Daniel Lopatka (bass)

A HUGE THANK YOU to our Very Generous Sponsor - Suburban Tire Auto Care Center and owner Steve Leffler


The ART at WORK [and ART at HOME] Programs are an intiative of the SCAC, intended to provide tangible support for artists, giving them opportunities to showcase and be compensated for their talent.  These events have featured the work of performing artists, visual artists, and culinary artists.  The Arts Council encourages people to open up their Homes or Businesses to support the arts, and encourages artists to contact the SCAC to learn about showcase opportunities.  Contact the council at 630.443.3794 or or 

Recent Event - June, 2014 Art At Home featuring Scott Stevenson on piano, Guy J. Bellaver's sculptures and
Carly Faye Smith + Christopher Potter - Lighting Design and Sculpture. 
This event was a fundraiser for the reflections Public Art Project.  More information may be found on the project blog -

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The St Charles Arts Council and our Arts and Civic Partners
Thank You for Attending/Participating in our City-wide, All-Arts Event
featuring Professional Artists
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We hope you enjoyed it, and look forward to this Annual Event!
Next year's dates - September 11 through 20, 2015


Check back regularly for announcements and more information about upcoming arts events.


To create an organization that serves and promotes the arts and cultural activities in St. Charles, to the mutual benefit of the arts and the community.